Semantic Technologies for Web Solutions
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Our purpose is to build a bridge between research achievements and practical needs in semantic technologies. There exist a lot of opportunities to automate business related processes where meaning extraction and establishing relationships between objects such as words and texts are essential.

We currently focus especially on the following areas:
  • NLP related tasks:
    Working out recommendations for advertisers based on website content analysis, search queries from post-click data and competitor websites content.
    Website content analysis and recommendations based on massive search engine queries targeting a website.
    Analysis of Connection between Advertisers and Publishers using sparse data.
    Long search queries disambiguation.
    Help domain registrars or web hosts to provide bulk automated retrieval of information from the websites and domains and sort them by top and low level categories, determine whether the domain is for sale, parked, email placeholder, has inappropriate or adult content, etc.
    Keywords generation and optimization for niche websites.
    Web Data and Text mining, processing and classification.
    Information extraction from the web and unstructured texts.
    Social media information extraction and processing.
    Sentiment analysis.
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Algorithms for processing Big Data.
  • Developing testing and analysis strategies for data driven web applications. Creating test suites for web and mobile applications using Selenium. 2016. All Rights Reserved.