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We focus on building a bridge between academic research and practical needs in Semantic Technologies on the web.

Web Tools and Applications

Text Analysis
This site is a demo of some NLP core methods based on our NLP Java library and some open source libraries such as Apache OpenNLP, Lucene and LingPipe.
Keywords Retrieval
KeywordsRetrieval is an online keywords generation tool providing an UNLIMITED source of keyword phrases. KeywordsRetrieval performs a targeted extracton of keywords semantically related to a Seed Phrase utilizing website links with content related to the topic of interest. Another type of keywords provided by this tool is keywords from social media. These keywords reflect current events and trends which may help to turn your website content and advertising campaign in the right direction.
Automated Submission Web Directory
Self-Expanding Web Directory Model. For accurate website categorization we use Machine Learning algorithms. No manual work is required to place a website link to the right place
Webpage Classification
The service provides online multi-lingual classification of website content. Website classification (or categorization) is required for a number of practical purposes in Search and Advertising, Domain Registration and Hosting, Safe Search and Browsing, Performing Focused Crawling, Automated Link Submission and other areas. Our application is focused on determining the main topic of a web page with the lack of content and high ambiguity. The algorithms are based on a machine learning method in combination with feature extraction and statistical analysis.
Website Content Analysis
Determine website taxonomy (related categories, concepts and words) which will help ensure your site is accurately indexed by search engines. Retrieve meaningful keywords and phrases from the website textual content and determine their relevancy to the website context. Evaluate metatags strength. Find related/competitor websites and more
Keywords Repository
Online interactive profitable keywords generator. Key Phrases are interactively retrieved from the repository and optimized based on Semantic Relevancy to your website content, popularity and competition level. The tool suggests several keywords optimization models. It has many useful features such as keywords search based on niche level, finding competitor websites, extracting keywords from websites, discovering key concepts in long queries. 2016. All Rights Reserved.